How pest control service protects your pet’s life from the danger of bugs?

Did you know that bugs can be a real danger to your pet’s life? Those little monsters can kill your pet if you didn’t take really good care of them and ignore their existence.
But don’t worry! Curing your pet’s body from bugs and ticks is a simple process, also pest control services performed by SWF will help you protect your home from those tiny enemies.

TICKS: The pet’s main enemies

Ectoparasites are organisms that survive the surface of an animal. Ticks are fairly common ectoparasites of dogs and cats. How often you see ticks on your pet and how severe a tick assault will depend on the location of the country in which you live, the season of the year (tick activity varies in warm and cool weather), the habits of your pet, and how and when you use tick control products. Some ticks may be invading pets that spend most of their time inside the house, and even pets that only spend short time outside the house can have ticks.
You can know more about ticks here.

how ticks look like

When is “ticks season”?

“Ticks season” depends on where you live. Generally speaking, summer is the highest tick season; however, because ticks like warmer climates, those who live in regions that are warm year-round are riskier. This does not mean that you should cease tick prevention when temperatures drop.

You always should protect your pet from ticks, at whenever season

How will ticks affect my pet?
Ticks are attaching to your pet by inserting their mouthparts into your pet’s skin. A lot of ticks also have a sticky, glue like substance that helps them to stay attached. After being attached to your pet, ticks will begin to feed on your pet’s blood. The places where ticks are attached become red and irritated. Ticks can consume enough of your pet’s blood to cause anemia. Certain female ticks may also cause a rare paralysis in pets because of the toxins they produce while feeding. Also, ticks can be causing many diseases in your pet. The disease with which most people are familiar is named Lyme disease. Another is Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Lyme disease causes arthritis and swelling of your pet’s joints, leading to painful lameness. Rocky Mountain can cause fever, lameness, and other signs. There are also other diseases that ticks can transmit to your pet. Your vet doctor will answer questions about the diseases that are important where your location is.

a cat that suffers from ticks

Can humans be harmed by ticks?

Ticks can get attached to and feed on human body. The skin where ticks are attached may be red and irritated. Ticks that transmit diseases to your pet can also be transmitted many of the same diseases to humans. It is important to realize that people don’t get these diseases from their pets. Both people and pets have diseases from ticks they get contacted with outdoors. Diseases, like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever, which are already described in pets, can also be really serious in humans. If you got any questions about human symptoms that are caused by ticks and tips to protect yourself, you should ask a doctor the bites of the ticks may also cause a local reaction – like a bump, scab, reddening or itching – in the place of the tick bite. This may not be cause for concern. If symptoms last more than 24 hours after removing the tick, worsen or are followed by other symptoms, call your veterinarian.

human’s skin irritated by ticks

Getting rid of ticks and how SWF services help you in protecting your animal?

  1. Vaccinate your pet
    There is a vaccine approved for use in pets that can help protecting from Lyme disease.
  2. Inspect your pet
    Anytime your pet goes outside, you should inspect them. The faster you remove a tick, the lesser is the chance to transmit any diseases it may be carrying. If you do find a tick, SWF recommends using a pair of pointed tweezers to remove it. Grab the tick close to its head and gently pull it off.
    using a tweezer to remove ticks
  3. Treat your house
    Ticks may be closer than you think. If your yard is surrounded by a wooded area or if other pests are present, such as rodents, ticks could be living in your house. Our professionals at SWF® can inspect your house. Contact SWF to schedule an appointment. Don’t worry, pest control services are not dangerous or can know more about the myths & facts about pest control services.

SWF provides you with the ultimate pest control services, in order to keep your home and your pets safe. Our control is your safety.


  1. Thanks for explaining that there is such a thing as a tick season when dealing with pests. I’d like to get pest control services because I’ve been feeling a bit itchy from time to time. That might be a sign that I have to deal with bed bugs at some point.

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