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While numerous pest control products are available in the market, some are more effective than others.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 effective pest control products that you may not know about but are a must-have for anyone looking to keep their home or business pest-free.

The 5 Pest Control Products You Need to Know About

pest control to show the pest control products you don't know about but should know

Let’s quickly go over each of these products, their benefits, and how to use them;

1. Rat Snap-Trap

rat snap trap

Rat snap traps have been one of the most common pest control products for ages, but over time, their design has undergone minor modifications to improve their efficiency.

These traps use simple logic to quickly capture individual rats. Once a catch has been made, the trap can either be disposed of or reused according to your preference.

They can be used multiple times, as they’re made from durable plastic. They’re also safe for families, as they contain no poison and are equipped with a protective cover to prevent accidental contact by children or pets.

Furthermore, SWF snap traps are reasonably priced, making them a cost-effective solution for effectively managing your rat problem.

Instructions to use Rat Snap-Trap:

2. Rats and Mice Glue Trap

rats and mice glue trap

Glue traps, also called glue boards, are popular pest control products. These traps are made of cardboard coated with an extremely sticky adhesive, making them highly effective.

Many individuals opt for these boards as a safer alternative to traditional snap traps that may pose a risk to pets and children. In addition to rats and mice, they are also utilized to capture mosquitoes and snakes.

Once an animal enters the board, it becomes trapped and stuck due to the strong adhesive. However, the process can be slow and painful, with the animal typically experiencing malnutrition or suffocation.

You can catch mice and rats more effectively with SWF stickiest rodent trap glue board on the market. Unlike other glue traps that may allow rodents to escape, our glue boards keep them in place, making it easier for you to control your vermin problem.

With a larger surface area, these glue traps are also effective for catching larger rodents, as well as other common household pests like spiders and roaches.

Furthermore, our glue boards are competitively priced, providing excellent value for your money. They are also carefully crafted to ensure optimal performance.

Instructions to use Rats and Mice Glue Traps:

3. Sticky Fly Catcher

sticky fly catcher

A flycatcher, also known as fly ribbon, fly strip, or fly capture tape, is a pest control product designed to trap and kill flies and other flying insects.

It consists of a paper strip coated with a sweet-smelling yet highly sticky substance that traps insects upon contact. Some types of flycatchers may also contain poisonous substances.

Flycatchers are a popular choice for controlling flying pests and are considered as effective as insecticides or bug zappers. The glue in the product is non-toxic and user-friendly. It does not require baiting or poisons and does not create any mess.

Instructions to use Sticky Fly Catcher:

4. Anti-Cockroach Gel

Anti-cockroach gel

The anti-cockroach gel is a pest control product alternative to eliminate the nest of cockroaches from your home.

This innovative pest control product uses an inventive formula that attracts cockroaches to eat the gel, which then causes them to return to their nests and die. The dead roaches will also contaminate other roaches, leading to the eventual destruction of the entire nest.

It is one of the most reliable, secure, and easy-to-use methods to get rid of roaches. It has no strong scent and won’t cause any irritation before or after application. However, to optimize its effectiveness, it’s important to use the gel correctly.

Instructions to use Anti-Cockroach Gel:

5. Raid Mosquito Repellent:

Raid mosquito repellent is a highly effective pest control spray product that is designed to keep mosquitoes at bay. It is a powerful insecticide that works by creating a barrier that repels mosquitoes and other flying insects.

It has a long-lasting effect as it can repel mosquitoes for up to 8 hours, making it the best pest control spray for outdoors. Additionally, it is safe to use around children and pets when used according to the instructions.

Note that the spray should not be used in enclosed areas, such as tents or small rooms, as the fumes can be harmful when inhaled in high concentrations

Instructions to use Raid Mosquito Repellent:

Now you’re ready to buy your own pest control products that guarantee you immediate results. However, it is crucial to carefully follow the instructions provided with each product and to ensure they are kept out of reach of children.

You can conveniently purchase any of these products from SWF’s Facebook shop and have them delivered straight to your doorstep. However, if you have a serious pest problem and want to know how to really control it, you should let the pros handle it. Get in touch with us through the form below and let’s see how we can help you more effectively. If you have some concerns, let’s talk about them too, or check out this post about the pest control services myths people believe are true but truly aren’t. 

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What’s the Difference Between Flying and Crawling Insecticides?

The main difference between flying and crawling insecticides is their external shape and components as well. Most of the time, a flying insecticide is a spray can that releases mist that spreads everywhere. Its components are more stable in the air than those found in crawling insecticides, which tend to be a localized powder to kill insects immediately.

What Are the Components of Ideal Mouse Glue Traps For Homes?

Experts have found that most types of mouse glue traps contain many materials, the most prominent of which are petroleum resins, butadiene-styrene rubber, natural rubber, and antioxidants.

Can You Buy Mouse Glue from A Pharmacy?

You can easily find suitable mouse glue for your home at a pharmacy. It is preferred that you choose non-toxic types to trap the mice, and you will find them abundantly in pharmacies.

Where Are Mouse Traps Sold?

There are various places where mouse traps are sold in Egypt, such as pharmacies, stores, and some online shops. If you want to find a high-quality mouse trap at a competitive price, you can try buying from SWF.

What Should I Put in A Mouse Trap?

If you are unsure of what is the best bait to put in a mouse trap, you should consider using sweet or fatty foods as they are considered their favorite.

Is Mouse Glue Toxic?

Mouse glue cannot be considered toxic at all. It is a very pest control method because it does not contain any chemicals.

Where Is Fly Paper Sold?

You can buy fly paper from pharmacies, stores, as well as online stores that provide all common types of adhesives that help homeowners get rid of flies easily.

If you are experiencing problems with insects or rodents in your home or office, you can now contact us through the form below to get a free consultation and find the best and safest solution to get rid of insects and rodents immediately!

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