Did you know that bugs can be a real danger to your pet’s life? Those little monsters can kill your pet if you didn’t take really good care of them and ignore their existence. But don’t worry! Curing your pet’s body from bugs and ticks is a simple process, also pest control services performed by SWF will help you protect your home from those tiny enemies. TICKS: The pet’s main enemies Ectoparasites are organisms that survive the surface of an animal. Ticks are fairly common ectoparasites of dogs and cats. How often you see ticks on your pet and how severe a tick assault will depend on the location of the country in which you live, the season of theContinue Reading

Have you ever thought of owning products at your home that will definitely help you while getting rid of your pests? Now you can turn this thought into reality! These are the 4 most effective pest control products that are not commonly known but you need to have, so you can get rid of pests once and for good. 1- Rat Snap-Trap: Rat snap traps have been one of the most common pest control products for ages. In that time, their design changed a little bit because it was effective. These traps use basic logic to monitor individual, instant rats. If a catch has been made, the trap may be disposed of or reused at your discretion. Plus, SWF snapContinue Reading

What comes to your mind when you first think about pest control companies? It’s poisonous, risky for my children, can harm my furniture, I don’t trust strangers. Here are 5 Expectations that can go under the umbrella of “Urban Myths” about Pest Control Services, matched with the actual Reality you need to know. Expectation: 1- I should mop & clean up my home after the pest control visit. Reality: You should never clean your home after the visit is over; It’s best to avoid mopping your floors for 6-8 weeks. Also, skip on wiping the surfaces of the edges and kickboards of your walls. In the meantime, dusting and using the vacuum cleaner should be completely sufficient. Mopping & cleaningContinue Reading